Galaxy S9 Super Slow-Motion Video Maker Apk Download For Any Android

Download Super Slow Motion Video Maker Apk

Samsung claims to have the finest camera with the Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus ahead the launch. Somehow,  did managed to shoot super slow motion videos @ 960fames per seconds. And the variable aperture with the S9 Plus seems to be DOPE!. If the feature actually impressed you anyway and don’t have enough bucks to spend for Galaxy S9 Plus. You can download this Super slow-mo video maker apk which can be installed in any android device.

Slow Motion Video in Any Android

Slow Motion Video in Any Android

How to Get Samsung’s S9 Plus super slow motion Videos in Any Android ?

  • Download this Super Slo-mo video maker apk from here|mirror.
  • Tick the unknown sources box under the security settings.
  • Now open the file you downloaded.
  • Click on next and finish installing the apk file.
  • Now open the file and select 980 frame per seconds video recorder.
  • That’s it now enjoy super slow motion videos just like the galaxy s9.

Super Slo-mo Video Maker Apk Features

Make a slow motion video! You can also make magic fast motion video. Output video can be uploaded to Youtube or Instagram – show your friends and get hundreds of ‘likes’!

Slow Motion Video FX lets you choose the speed of the output movie. A few ideas:
– record your speech and make it slow – you’ll sound really strange
– make your speech fast – you will sound like a tiny little mouse!
– record some objects falling down like – table spoon, nuts, seeds and… make it slow – it will look funny!
– record you spitting water and slow it down
– record your pets in slow motion
– and of course all other ideas that come to your mind:)

Now you have slow motion camera in your pocket!

So this was an article about the super slow motion video maker apk. If you enjoyed reading it. Share it with your friends.

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