WA Delete PRO: View/Read Whatsapp Deleted messages Apk Download[ v1.6 Crack]

WA Delete PRO Apk Download

WA Delete PRO Apk Crack Download: WA Delete PRO is an apk available for Android2 to check the deleted WhatsApp messages. Most of the times after wiping out all the history we remember or any case when the one who sents the message & deletes it before you checked it. Ahh! I missed it. In such case you can download wa delete pro apk. Install it and you will be able to read deleted WhatsApp messages. We’ve given the download link for wa delete pro apk. You can download and install it. WA Delete app for Everyone will let you read deleted messages in WhatsApp even though they are deleted usin the latest “Delete for everyone” feature.
wa delete pro apk download

WA Delete PRO Apk Features

  • View all your WhatsApp messages on one screen
  • View WhatsApp deleted messages
  • Setting the size of message history
When will it not work?
  • When you are chatting with the sender and the same person deletes the message. In short, when you already read the message and later sender deletes it, we can not show that deleted message.
When will it work?
  • When you didn’t read sender’s message yet.
  • When sender deletes the message when you are not using WhatsApp.

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